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IFS is a solution for innovative companies, it has the latest 100% web technology with new and transforming technological offers, it provides the possibility to follow more efficient processes, it helps to define more efficient criteria to analyse and manage the activity of each department.
Antalis has a professional team experienced in the implementation of IFS both in terms of consulting, technical and project management services. We provide a high quality service to, in a simple and direct way, focus on understanding the needs of your customers.

Digital Transformation

Why are we different. At Antalis we combine experience in IoT projects and IFS implementation. We implement integrated solutions that provide an end to end solution and because as the first step of our activity we focus on understanding your business. We work alongside our clients to understand their management needs and their personal constraints.
Our work consists of understanding our clients’ business, their strengths and weaknesses; their opportunities and threats. Only in this way is it possible to generate a value proposition and get the most out of IFS, offering the best possible results for our clients. Our consultants can work from initial implementation deployment to updates, projects and ongoing optimization and support, using our managed services team.

IFS drives the digital transformation

The Antalis Group is a technology company, dedicated to digital transformation and IT services, which specializes in the marketing and implementation of IFS management solutions for large and medium-sized companies in the construction, engineering and industrial sectors where manufacturing is highly relevant to the company’s business. We have a team of expert consultants to guarantee the best results in companies in the manufacturing sectors mentioned.

Our Services are:

ERP Implementation

Our sectorial knowledge especially entitles us to work in the industrial sectors in general and particularly in the equipment manufacturing, electronic equipment and air conditioning sectors. We follow the IFS implementation methodology and make special use of the Scope tool to define how the company’s processes will be implemented

Field Service Management

The current context gives more importance to ensure that customers are better served with their facility management contracts, repairs, …, IFS has a solution with three different solution approaches optimizing the organization of team visits in the field, optimizing the management of equipment or the qualification of technical staff depending on the activity of each company

Asset Performance Management

Antalis enhances the useful life and availability of the assets managed by your company, production means, transport equipment, … From the integration of engineering data for the construction/manufacturing of the asset to its maintenance by collecting online information on the operation of the asset in order to be able to make preventive maintenance decisions at any time


IFS has the latest 100% web technology with new and interesting possibilities. Its functionality is modular to build customized solutions for each customer. IFS has customization tools without development. In addition, an open API is available to connect with the rest of your company’s systems.

Its architecture can be deployed on-premise or SaaS in the cloud. It is a multi-tenant containerized architecture solution with the highest efficiency and flexibility in the hybrid cloud.

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