IFS has different lines of solutions to deal with equipment maintenance depending on the type of equipment:

• Equipment and production facilities from the same company

• Equipment and systems, own or from clients, installed in distributed locations on which maintenance tasks are carried out

• Third-party installations of little technical complexity

The key is to make the system more demanding in its management in order to identify complex equipment structures in which structural and functional classifications are distinguished, starting from the configuration of the equipment as it was designed, how it was manufactured and how it is being maintained.

In the industrial environment, the availability of the equipment is an information to be considered for production planning.

In customer facility repair environments, the key is agility in allocating resources, forecasting work times and ensuring that breakdowns are resolved in a first visit.

By integrating IFS’ functionalities with its IoT connector to different devices, we will be able to receive information about the operation of the equipment on-line, specifically, information from

  • Vibration
  • Start movement
  • Temperature
  • Consumption

Information we can use:

  • Invoice customers
  • Make internal cost charges
  • Schedule maintenance tasks

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