BIM and Project management

While the trend of digital transformation, including BIM, drones, IoT, laser use, augmented reality (AR), robotics, etc., has been slow to take off, the entry of new technologies into construction has begun.

BIM (Building Information Modelling) is at the heart of project life cycle management. BIM should not be considered simply as a 3D modelling tool, but as part of a new set of processes that uses this digital asset data and takes advantage of the latest technological innovations.

BIM is a way of managing information through all stages of an asset’s life, integrating processes, information and technologies.

It is about changing the way we manage activity for continuous improvement. Companies need to move from a document-based process to one based on integrated data to manage all stages of the project and asset life.
The IFS solution enables BIM asset data to be integrated into all stages of the asset lifecycle process.

Complete solution

Integration of the cycle from budgeting, allocation of resources, modified negotiation, projection at conclusion, cash needs, optimizing project management and sharing the necessary information between the participating agents.

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