IFS provides an integrated and continuous vision of the progress, cost and projection to the conclusion of the work. IFS makes it easy for you to manage the entire project life cycle. Fully integrated with other IFS components such as finance, purchasing, inventory, customer orders, manufacturing, engineering, human resources, document management, and asset and service management, the solution is used by many types of companies that use project principles to manage their business, including project-based manufacturing, engineering, construction, contracting and infrastructure, ECI, and R&D organizations.

In project-based companies, the starting point is project budgeting with breakdowns based on cost concepts and units. This budgeting is integrated into the CRM for the management of the different offers, analysis of positioning, competition, changes,…. From this phase, the potential risks of the project are anticipated, resources are planned, financial planning is made and from the execution of the project, according to the advances collected, both the current value, the recognized value and the projections to be completed.

The system has an operative management of subcontractors in the same line that the final client manages us. The management of our employees is optimized by the visual simplicity of completing the information of Health & Safety, functions within the organization and its integration with the implementation of projects, service and maintenance to the customer.
On the financial side, the system has aids for cash flow forecasting by selecting the types of documents to be incorporated into the system and has aids for automatically integrating supplier invoices.
The system has an extended document management system that allows to accompany any management or engineering transaction with the corresponding physical document and to follow its approval flow and all the changes that it may have.
In short, the system helps to better sell those works/projects in which we participate and to learn so that in future opportunities we will be more efficient and profitable. 

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