Field Service Management

According to Gartner, IFS is by far the leader in MSF applications.

Today, with a technological leap accelerated by the Covid, from the solution FSM, IFS can propose a different way to manage the company’s processes, IFS provides a modular model that intelligently includes certain information and has it in a way that makes it more efficient management and decision making.

In the companies that manage field service teams, the starting point is the definition of the contract with the customer. From these contracts, the daily operation of receiving service requests is developed, which, together with other planned operations, form part of the portfolio to be planned, optimizing trips and execution times and ensuring the highest possible rate of solutions in a first visit. This assistance work will be validated against the guarantees of the contract, involving the use of materials, component repairs, … to conclude with a billing based on multiple concepts.

The different functionalities of our solution help your company to improve its competitive position. As part of the studies we are carrying out with our clients, we value the increase in the effectiveness of each company’s services with our solutions. To this end, we propose a series of metrics to be analyzed in order to decide how to approach the implementation of a MSF solution with IFS.

There are three types of FSM solutions:

Product focused FSM, customer focused FSM or team focused FSM in the field.

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