This can be based on the definition of the assets to be maintained, it can be buildings, roads or other constructions types. For each of these entities, a hierarchy of locations can be defined, on which different maintenance, revision and repair tasks can be performed, ….
The conditions of the pandemic have made the role of housing more important in the daily life of the individual. Teleworking space, spending more time inside the home, greater control of spending, monitoring of hygiene conditions, remote management and control, …
With this proposal we define a work framework in which the tenant can acquire a plus of information about the state of their home, their consumption, their energy efficiency, security,…, with the connected house we promote a permanent access to the situation of each home, specifically

• On-line information about domicile permanently updated:
• Temperature
• Open Doors / windows
• Smoke
• Water leakage
• No intruders
• ……….
• This information may be accessible by third parties on-line:
• Insurance companies
• Repair companies
• Real Estate

  • Esta información puede ser accesible por terceros en forma on-line:
    • Compañías de seguros
    • Compañías de reparación
    • Inmobiliarias

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