ANTALIS is an expert in developing and implementing Internet of Things systems in companies and integrates these solutions with the management of the repair and maintenance of these assets.
Our company’s offer for equipment manufacturing companies is focused:
• Asset location sensors, in warehouse or in customers.
• Machinery management and troubleshooting devices reduce consumption
• Tank filling control devices, fuel consumption monitoring and refueling management. The system automatically estimates the dates on which each group must refuel and helps plan the maintenance schedule.
• Anti-theft alert system. By incorporating global positioning and accelerometer technology, the equipment can be located, and its movement detected even when it is switched off. In this way, and just by programming it, the fleet manager sends an uplink warning of possible theft and the exact location of the group, even blocking it if necessary.
• Possibility of accessing performance and operational statistics of the equipment from the computer or mobile phone and generating reports in CSV format for subsequent analysis.

The location of assets is essential to optimize their use. IFS provides, instantly and in real time, the real costs, potential breakdowns, energy consumption and helps to eliminate or minimize loss or theft. In many companies the movement of goods can reach billions of euros. With savings of 1% the investment in Digital Devices can be highly profitable.

Device information is integrated with management information helping to anticipate and adapt to the rapidly changing demands of the world around you. Integration with:
• Materials management and procurement
• IFS project management
• IFS document management
• IFS Human Resources
• IFS equipment efficiency module
• IFS IoT Controller
• Execution of work IFS Engineer

It has features such as:
• IFS mobile work order for offline and remote work
• Technician portals provide a responsive client for online access
• Preventive maintenance, triggered by the calendar, event or condition
• Task Template Library to give a consistent and controlled scope of work
• Resource management
• Planning, allocation, reporting and monitoring
• Additional qualifications – skills and licenses
• Management of tools and facilities

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