In companies that manage field service teams, the starting point is the definition of the contract with the customer. Starting with these contracts, the daily operation of receiving service requests it is performed, which, together with other planned operations, form part of the portfolio of visits/works to be planned, optimizing trips and execution times and ensuring the highest possible rate of solutions in an initial visit. This assistance work will be validated against the guarantees of the contract, involving the use of materials, component repairs, … to conclude with a billing based on multiple concepts.
It can be based on the definition of the assets to be maintained, be they buildings, shopping centers, canteens, …… A hierarchy of locations can be defined for each of these entities, on which different maintenance, service and repair tasks can be defined, ….
One of the key features is the optimum allocation of personnel to each task according to their qualifications and the customer’s requirements.
Another relevant functionality is the optimal planning of tasks, counting on the experience of previous works to estimate the duration of each visit.

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