In addition to the usual needs of industrial companies, there is also the need to integrate the engineering information of the equipment with the production and quality information, with the possibility of incorporating this information into the customer’s programs.
IFS provides an integrated and continuous vision of the progress, cost and projection at the conclusion of the programme or project. Having always the information of the plant or production plants referenced to each program in which it participates. Thus, there will be available inventory and resources allocated to each program, costs of each program, planning per program, …

Project-based manufacturing ™ allows you to plan and execute manufacturing as part of the scope of a project. Material, labor and operation costs are automatically assigned to the project. Inventory functionality can be performed in a project context, and material can be transferred between project activities, and between project inventory and standard inventory. The solution also includes the option of running material requirements planning across the entire scope of a project.
It provides efficient planning and detailed monitoring of project demand, material supply and costs
Quality management plays a fundamental role in the management of deliveries, receptions, … and documentation of customer programs
IFS supports a hybrid pull & push manufacturing model adapted for project work environments, with configuration on demand, engineering on demand and discreet. It has an efficient visual planner that optimizes the production plan generated with the traditional MS-MRP line and allows the incorporation of all this operational vision within a financial perspective that helps to better plan the company’s cash flow and margin.
The system has an operational subcontractor management in the same line that the final customer manages us.
The management of our employees is optimized by the visual simplicity of completing the information of Health & Safety, functions within the organization and its integration with the implementation of projects, service and maintenance to the customer.
On the financial side, the system has support tools for cash flow forecasting by selecting the types of operational documents to be incorporated into the system and has aids for automatically integrating supplier invoices.
The system has an extended document management system that allows to accompany any management or engineering transaction with the corresponding physical document and to follow its approval flow and all the changes that it may have.
The system has tools that help plan and optimize the entire supply chain from the supplier to the customer, via production and warehouses. It includes an automated management of both the reporting in the production plant and in the warehouse management. In all its functions, the quality management and control is a capacity that can be incorporated to guarantee quality from the origin.
The industrial functionalities are complemented by maintenance management, which is responsible for ensuring the proper availability of equipment with both corrective and preventive maintenance functions.

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