The order configurator attached to the product configurator provides an effective tool for improving customer budgeting and for translating the customer’s order into a bill of materials and a manufacturing route without the need for hundreds of predefined references.

IFS Configure | make to Order™ helps you manage and simplify the make-to-order process, from advanced make-to-order (MTO) to simple assembly-to-order (ATO), including structures with multilevel options (DOP). The solution supports on-demand production design for standard products, feature-based configuration with built-in rules for production. Sales rule logic is obtained using the IFS SALES CONFIGURATOR

In industrial companies, it is essential to optimize the use of production resources and adapt production possibilities to the available components. IFS supports a hybrid pull & push manufacturing model adapted to project work environments, with configuration to order, engineering to order and discreet. It has an efficient visual planner that optimizes the production plan generated with the traditional MS-MRP line and allows the incorporation of all this operational vision within a financial perspective that helps to better plan the company’s cash flow and margin.
The system has tools that help plan and optimize the entire supply chain from the supplier to the customer, via production and warehouses. It includes an automated management of both the reporting in the production plant and in the warehouse management. In all its functions, the quality management and control is a capacity that can be incorporated to guarantee quality from the origin.
The industrial functionalities are complemented by maintenance management, which is responsible for ensuring the proper availability of equipment with both corrective and preventive maintenance functions.

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