As a service organization we want to transfer our knowledge to companies that trust us as their travel companion for the implementation, maintenance or improvement of their management or IoT systems.
We base this transmission on different tools:
• IFS implementation methodology
• Scope Tool, a tool for defining needs from the sales process, generating management flows and estimates for their implementation
• Philosophy of knowledge transfer

Our function as consultants is not to implement solutions, it is to transmit their operating base, their philosophy so that our clients, experts in their activity, can guide the capacities of our offer to transform their business from their base, so that they can use their market position and their client base to defend themselves from new entrants while they transform themselves into agile, flexible companies,…, and their business acquires the tech capacity to their traditional orientation. Today, each sector has its ‘tech’ version: Fintech, Insurtech, Proptech, Traveltech, etc… In reality, these denominations are useful to describe a transitory state of coexistence between traditional players and new entrants, in a few years they will lose their meaning, everything will converge to ‘tech’.
Digitalization is a learning process and learning cannot be delegated. Digitization is much more than implementing a website or an app; it is a learning process that involves profound changes in people and in the way organizations work. Digitization produces an accumulation of valuable intellectual capital in the organization, an ‘asset’ worthy of appearing among its assets. Subcontracting digitalization means paying for this intellectual capital to be literally lost to a third party whose business is not to accumulate knowledge but to sell us the maximum number of hours. Our projects are aimed at teaching how to implement, not how to do it.
Implementing software is a process with very particular characteristics, so particular that in the sector a consensus has been reached that it is almost impossible to execute a planned project with precision. We are exhaustive in projecting the progress of the project to the participation of each component in it and anticipating unforeseen events not “foreseen” to adapt the new stages of the project to the requirements and resources of the company. We provide tools and knowledge to rationalize and avoid emotional situations. The intelligent heart seeks knowledge, (Proverbs 15,14) and we put the tools to enhance the emotion.

Our projects start from the first commercial contact with the client, using the IFS methodology, its implementation tools as well as other
• Opportunity analysis, identification of digital transformation areas to apply new technologies
• Tools for the analysis of the return on investment of each type of project
• Digital Twin Simulation of the organization
• ………..

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