We complement the work of IFS customers’ systems departments by being able to offer from simple support tasks to the complete support of IFS operations, up to the management of the IFS infrastructure in cases of
• On-premise systems
• Cloud
• Hybrids
Including all the services necessary for the operation of the client’s facility, as well as the initial preparation of the chosen architecture, these services can be
• Database and log administration services
• Capacity analysis and alert management
• Dimensioning the system
• Job queue management
• Security, Backup
• Integrated vision of the infrastructure
• Ransomware attack prevention, immutable copies in blob storage
• Cloud cost optimization
For this management, we establish a first line of support that follows and solves users’ problems, the operation begins with the registration of problems/requests from users. Case tickets are registered in the first line support service application.
From this first line we access the resources needed to solve each case, our own resources or IFS resources and we follow up and make visible the status of each one in our ticketing application.

These support services are complemented by
• Version migration
• Optimization of implementations
• New custom developments

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